. Terre Magazine #3, par Terres d'aventure.

Spring/ summer 2019

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. Réponses Photo #326

may-june 2019

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. Panorama Magazine

may 2019

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. National Geographic Kids

I'm the subject in a cartoon serie about great explorators in the National Geographic Kids. Following cartoons about : Diane Fossey, Théodor Monod, Alexandra David-Néel, JY Cousteau, Paul-Emile Victor, Yves Copens and Amelia Earhardt.

september 2018 

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. Geo 

12 pages about La Vallée, Palawan

august 2018 

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. Eye of the Photography 

A portfolio about the Palawans

31st january 2018

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. Réponses Photo 

28 pages on the Palawan people

january 2018

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. Camera International

A portfolio about the Badjaos

november-january 2017,  n. 15/16

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. Le Figaro

Meeting Pierre de Vallombreuse and the « Hommes Racines »

17th september 2012

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. Les Champs libres

A view on indigenous people

may 2012

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. L'oeil en Seyne

Interview on the exhibition at the  Villa Tamaris

29th october 2011

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. Libération

Itinéraires : Pierre de Vallombreuse an exhibition at the  Maison des métallos

12th december 2008

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. Le monde de la photo

Pierre de Vallombreuse : itinerary of an adventurous photographer

21th november 2008

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. Le Monde

Portrait of Pierre de Vallombreuse

27th october 2008

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. Revue

Exhibtion « Peuples » at the Musée de l’Homme - Carte Blanche

may 2006

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. L’internaute

Book « Peuples », testimony of raw beauty

february 2006

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. France Culture

Portrait Pierre de Vallombreuse

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