Les Hommes des rochers

In the Philippines, on the island of Palawan, the Singnapan Valley unfolds between primary jungle and steep limestone cliffs. This region of rice paddies, discovered in the 1970s, is the domain of Taw Batu, the men of the rocks. This community, made up of the families of two hundred farmers and hunters, is nicknamed because of the migration that it makes each year in the caves of Mount Mantalingajan, when the monsoon and its formidable typhoons threaten the life of all at risk of dislocating the houses. Pierre de Vallombreuse accompanied Tulibac, his wife and their young children during the ritual trip to Ugpoy, the cave that has always belonged to the family. This troglodyte season begins with the ascent of vertiginous peaks, then life in the cave is organized around the hunt for bats and swifts for which men deploy ingenious techniques. Reclusive for three months in their caves, the Taw Batu welcome this change of life radically. Attacking by their simplicity, surprising by their knowledge of nature, Taw Batu are also distinguished by exemplary solidarity and wisdom.


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Published in 04/11/2002
19cm x 27cm
96 pages