Y a-t-il une lune chez toi ?

For nearly thirty years, Pierre de Vallombreuse has traveled the world to photograph Aboriginal peoples. Far from obsolete exotic dreams, he fights for the respect and fair representation of these vulnerable populations, whose legacy is incredibly rich.


He tells us here, for the first time, his encounters at the end of the world: the Taw Batu, people of the Philippines with the devastating humor that lives in the caves of Singnapan, Vossa, young Yi of 10 years to the mystical aura in the Sichuan mountains, the presumed head cutters on the borders of Indonesia, the Mayans in the lush green splendors of Chiapas, civil war ravaged Colombia, the Greenlandic Inuit of Great Green ...


From Art Deco to the Sudanese conflict and the Philippine jungle, this book traces the inner journey and the photographic itinerary of a great witness, an artist with a singular and humanistic look, who pays tribute to the precious diversity of our world.


Le Passeur editions


Release Date: April 17, 2014
14x20 cm
240 pages + 8 pages